Femtosecond Laser Surgery in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania


Dr. David DeRose specializes in femtosecond laser surgery which provides more accurate results and improves patient outcomes. 


What Is Femtosecond Laser Surgery?

Femtosecond laser surgery is a type of corrective eye surgery or refractive eye surgery that uses a femtosecond laser. This laser emits ultra-fast–trillionths of a second pulses of light and is used to create precise incisions in the cornea or lens of your eye. 

There are several types of femtosecond laser eye surgeries available. These include femtosecond laser-assisted LASIK (femto-LASIK) and femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS). In femto-LASIK, the laser is used to create a flap in the cornea. This flap is then lifted to allow the surgeon to reshape the tissue underneath. In FLACS, we use the laser to create precise incisions in the cornea and lens capsule, which allows for safer and more efficient removal of the cataract.


Who Is a Candidate?

Not everyone is a candidate for femtosecond laser surgery. To be eligible for the femto-LASIK procedure, you must be at least 18 years old, have a stable vision prescription for at least one year, and have generally healthy eyes with no underlying conditions. Your ophthalmologist can help you determine if the procedure is right for you. 

FLACS is available for nearly all patients considering cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery

The Procedure

Femtosecond laser surgery typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete and is an outpatient procedure. Before the surgery, we will numb your eye with drops and give you medication to help you relax.

During the surgery, the surgeon will use the femtosecond laser to create the necessary incisions in the cornea or lens. Once we make the incision, we will reshape or remove the tissue to correct your vision or cataract. After the surgery, we will give you eye drops to help with the healing process.


Femtosecond Laser Surgery Advantages


The Femtosecond laser is the safest among refractive surgical techniques. There are fewer complications in surgeries performed with the femtosecond laser.


Surgeries performed with the femtosecond laser provide more precision than those performed with a surgical knife. The laser is programmed with the exact depth and size of the incision resulting in unparalleled accuracy.

Recovery Time

One of the advantages of femto-LASIK surgery is that it typically has a shorter recovery time than traditional LASIK. Most patients can return to their normal activities within a few days. However, it may take several weeks for your vision to fully stabilize.

Similarly, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) can also yield a shorter, more efficient recovery period. Corneal swelling is found to be lessened with the use of the femtosecond laser, which shortens recovery. Most patients are able to resume their daily routine within 24 – 48 hours after the surgery.


Your Center for Femtosecond Laser Surgery

Lehigh Eye Specialists in Allentown, PA is the leader in femtosecond laser surgeries. Dr. DeRose brings his highly specialized and skilled training to every patient, offering them expert education and care regarding their eye health.

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