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If you’re having cataract surgery or any other corrective eye surgery, consider the excellent option of the light adjustable lens (LAL) for your lens replacement. Lehigh Eye Specialists is the only practice in the region offering the LAL.


What Are Light Adjustable Lenses?

Light adjustable lenses (LALs) are intraocular lenses that can be customized to improve your vision after cataract surgery. These lenses are made from a special material that your ophthalmologist can adjust using UV light. This allows them to fine-tune your vision after lens implantation.

The Procedure

The Procedure

During cataract surgery, your eye surgeon will remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an intraocular lens implant, such as a light adjustable lens. After your cataract surgery, your ophthalmologist will adjust your vision. To do this, they use a special machine to shine UV light onto the lens. 

The UV light will activate the light-sensitive material in the lens, causing it to change shape and adjust the focus of the lens. Your doctor will then test your vision and make any necessary adjustments.  Your ophthalmologist can repeat this process until you achieve the best possible result.

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Who Needs Light Adjustable Lenses?

Anyone who has cataract surgery or clear lens replacement surgery may benefit from light adjustable lenses. These lenses can be particularly helpful for people who have difficulty seeing clearly or who have astigmatism. 


What Do Light Adjustable Lenses Treat?

Light adjustable lenses are primarily used to treat cataracts. In addition to cataracts, LALs can also be used to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. They offer a higher level of accuracy than other lenses. The fine-tuning of the lens prescription post-surgery is more accurate than the prescription measured before surgery.


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We are thrilled to be leading the way in refractive surgeries in the Lehigh Valley. As the only provider in the area of the light adjustable lens, Dr. DeRose looks forward to speaking with you about this option for your improved vision. When considering cataract surgery with Dr. DeRose, patients have a wide range of choices regarding intraocular lens implants and their target vision. He and his specialized staff will work with you to determine the ideal lens implant for your lifestyle.

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